What Questions Will Be Asked When Determining Child Custody?

If you are going through a divorce that involves a custody battle, you may rely on a judge to make the final decision for you. It is a good idea to know what kind of questions you'll be asked so that you know what to expect, since a judge uses this information to help determine which parent should be awarded physical custody.

Being With The Child

A judge is going to look at how much time you can expect to spend with the child when you factor in other commitments. This includes the hours that you are typically away from the home for work, as well as the time when your child goes to bed.  A judge is going to look at a parent more favorably if they are able to be with their child for more hours out of the day.

Cooking For The Child

Are you the parent that does the majority of the cooking, or do you struggle when it comes to preparing food? The ability to prepare meals and provide a child with a balanced diet will factor into physical custody, since you are responsible for all of the meals that your child has. Having the ability to make healthy meals on a regular basis will be looked at in a positive light.

Caring For The Child

Your past actions can make a big difference in determining custody, especially when it comes to who previously did the majority of the daily care for the child. Things like who did the bedtime routine of helping the child brush their teeth, read stories, and put them to bed are considered because a parent that didn't do these things in the past may be unwilling to do them in the future as well.  

You may even be asked about the medical care of the child, and who is responsible for making appointments for the dentist and doctor. If your child takes medications, a judge will also likely ask which parent is responsible for administering those medications on a daily basis. 

Educating The Child

Education is very important, and parents need to be part of it on a daily basis. This ranges from who drops the child off at school and who picks them up to who helps the child with homework when they are home. Much like with previously mentioned activities, a parent that currently does these things is more likely to continue doing them after they are awarded physical custody.

For more information, contact a child custody lawyer in your area.