Prescription Medications Can Sometimes Cause A DUI

DUI accidents are often associated with alcohol. However, there are many other substances you can consume that can make it very unsafe for you to drive. It can also be very unsafe to drive if you mix certain medications with alcohol when you are driving. However, there are several drugs, in particular, you should watch out for.

Blood Pressure Medications

If you are on blood pressure medications, you might feel like your energy has been sapped. The good news is that the sluggishness usually goes away after a few weeks of taking the medication.


If you are suffering from allergies, you may take antihistamines. However, certain types of antihistamines can make you feel very drowsy and it may be unsafe to drive. Any drug that ends in "amine" will make you sleepy.


Certain painkillers can cause sleepiness, disorientation, and dizziness. This can make it more difficult to focus and can make it more likely that you will crash your car. Also, being in pain can distract you and also make you feel exhausted.


When you take antidepressants, you might notice that you're sleepy and have a slower reaction time. There are also antidepressants that are known to cause insomnia. If you aren't getting a good night's rest, you may not be able to drive safely.

Muscle Relaxants

Medications meant to relax your muscles can also lead to you having a slower reaction time and might impair your judgment. This may cause problems if you are pulled over by a police officer who believes you're under the influence.


Unlike with alcohol, you will be charged with a DUI if you are driving while impaired. How impairment is determined can vary from state to state. If your mental or physical capacity is impaired to such an extent that you could not operate your car as a reasonable person, you may be charged with a DUI.

Your first medication-induced DUI typically leads to a misdemeanor. If you are a repeat offender, you might be charged with a felony. However, there are some defenses you can use against this, and you will want to speak with a DUI attorney as soon as possible.

DUI Defenses

You may be able to argue that the police officer did not follow the proper procedure when arresting you. By failing to follow the correct procedure, your rights may have been violated and the officer may not even be able to prove that you committed a DUI.

To learn more, contact a DUI attorney.