Make The Difference In Your DUI Circumstances

Those charged with driving under the influence (DUI) would be foolish to just accept their fate and go along with the judicial system. DUI cases are unique in how certain details determine the case outcome. You alone have the power to change how your case turns out. Read on and take the appropriate action.

Know What is at Stake

Being convicted of a DUI, even a first-time one, can bring about some devastating results. Each and every aspect of your DUI punishment will cost money. If you are placed on probation, you will pay a monthly fee. If you are ordered to attend alcohol counseling, you will probably be responsible for paying for it. Then there is the loss of driving privileges. However, if you get an attorney to help you, you might be able to get a hardship license to allow you to work and get groceries, but that is not a given. Finally, in some cases, DUI offenders are sentenced to jail time.

Get a Private Attorney

You may qualify for a public defender if your financial situation is bad enough, but it usually works out better when you hire your own lawyer. Private criminal defense lawyers have the time and resources to focus on your case and will work to make sure the impact of the DUI is lessened as much as possible. The way your arrest occurred matters a great deal. The state may want you to believe that the evidence they have against you is of better quality and quantity than it really is. Your lawyer will untangle the chain of evidence and find out where things really stand.

What Do They Have On You?

Without evidence, the state has no case. That means, when challenged, your case could be dismissed and the charges dropped, reduced, or changed. Your defense lawyer will review the evidence and any plea deals to help you make a good decision based on their findings. Most of the time, you will enter a plea deal. Not all deals are good for the defendant, though. Don't get taken advantage of and feel you have no choice in the matter. Let your attorney guide you to a better deal.

From the time of the traffic stop until you are behind bars, each aspect of your case should be subjected to a fine-tooth comb. Legal stops, blood alcohol testing, field sobriety tests, and other factors must be legal and aboveboard for the state to have a case. In most cases, they are not. To find out more, speak to a criminal defense lawyer who practices DUI work.