Applying for Disability Benefits

When a person develops a disability due to an accident, illness or other reason, it may no longer be possible to work to support themselves. Luckily, there are disability benefits that can prove to be an essential type of assistance for these individuals.

Myth: There Are No Benefits to Working With an Attorney When Applying for Disability Benefits

Applying for disability benefits can be a process that many individuals will struggle to complete on their own. Not surprisingly, most people will struggle to effectively manage this on their own. Unfortunately, it can also be easy to make mistakes during this process that may negatively impact your ability to receive approval for these benefits. Hiring an attorney to assist you with applying for disability benefits can be a valuable type of support for making this process easier to navigate. Furthermore, the attorney can represent you at any hearings that may be needed before you are approved for these benefits. These professionals will also typically only be paid if benefits are awarded, which can make it easier for those with limited financial means to access this valuable representation during the disability application process.

Myth: Only Physical Disabilities Are Covered By Disability Benefits

In addition to providing protection for individuals that are suffering from physical disabilities or impairments, these benefits can also be useful to individuals that are suffering from a variety of mental and emotional disabilities. Appreciating the flexibility of these benefits in this regard can be essential if a person is to be able to get the assistance that they need regardless of the cause of their disability. As part of the initial evaluation, your attorney will be able to assist you in understanding whether your condition is likely to be approved as well as the burden of proof that will have to be met. During this evaluation, it is important to avoid exaggerating your condition as there will be a series of medical evaluations during this process. These evaluations are to confirm the disability, and those exaggerating their claims may compromise their likelihood of being approved.

Myth: Disability Benefits Are Only For Older Individuals

While it is often the case that the aging process can make individuals more vulnerable to a variety of injuries and problems, you should avoid assuming that this means that only older individuals will be able to qualify for disability benefits. In reality, adults and children can both be eligible for disability benefits and protections as long as they meet the medical requirements.

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