3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney When You're Considering Annulment

While no one gets into marriage only to walk away, when you have valid grounds for annulment, you shouldn't postpone the inevitable. You should get ahead of the problem by hiring a divorce attorney to walk you through the difficult process.

Whether something was wrong from the beginning—like your partner being married to someone else at the time of your marriage—or your spouse lied about something important, your legal counsel will advise you on the best cause of action. Here are three reasons to hire a divorce attorney when you're preparing for an annulment.

Account for Marital Assets

Your divorce attorney can help you keep track of all your marital assets so that you don't leave anything important behind when you file for annulment. This includes property, savings, investments, and even items of sentimental value.

The attorney will be dedicated to creating an inventory of all your assets and determining what is fair to keep in the annulment settlement. Without their help, it can be easy to overlook or forget important assets during the annulment process. A lawyer will ensure that you get everything you are entitled to in the settlement so you can move on with your life without any regrets.

Devise a Payment Plan for the Family Debt

If you and your spouse have significant debt, you share the responsibility of paying it upon annulling your marriage. Your divorce attorney will help you devise a payment plan for the family debt so that you can move on with your life without the burden of debt. The attorney will especially focus on negotiating with your spouse over the division of debt.

Create Suitable Child Custody Plans 

Annulment becomes a little harder if you have children because you have to consider their interests. And should you choose to dissolve the marriage without an attorney by your side, the conflicts could become too much to bear. You're better off engaging an attorney who will help you determine what type of custody arrangement is best for them.

In some cases, joint custody may be the best option, while in others, one parent may have primary custody. Regardless of the situation, you get to avoid conflicts and ensure the children aren't traumatized by the annulment.

If you're considering an annulment, it's important to hire a qualified divorce attorney who can help you through the process. Otherwise, the process will be much harder and drag longer than you anticipated.