The Key Elements Of Estate Planning

You have spent time building your estate, accumulating assets, investing funds, and making plans for the future. But all of this could easily go to waste if you don't have an estate plan. The plan will ensure your wealth is well distributed when you pass on. Here are some basic elements of estate planning. A Will  This is one of the most important aspects of an estate plan. It doesn't matter whether you're wealthy or not.

Three Types of Auto Accident Claims

There are many different types of car accident claims you may file when you have a personal injury case. In the wake of experiencing your injuries, you are dealing with a lot. You may not be entirely sure who is responsible for your injuries, but you need to demonstrate some blame so that you can recover. Do you have questions about the different types of car accident claims you could pursue as a personal injury claim?

Will You Have Standing To Sue Under Probate Law?

One of the biggest and earliest questions in a probate case is whether a plaintiff has standing. In American law, someone has standing if they have a legally-recognized right to ask a court to address a matter. A judge must resolve the issue of standing before allowing a suit to proceed. Will you have standing under probate law? Take a look at the ways an attorney might examine the question.

Divorce Attorney: Pet Custody And Visitations

If your divorce involves four-legged family members, figuring out the logistics can bring the process to a halt. A divorce lawyer can create addendums to help you sort out pet custody, visitation, and other important parts of pet ownership. Custody Classifications Pet custody generally falls into two categories. The type of custody you choose will largely dictate how your divorce lawyer will approach your case. Joint: If you intend to share custody with your ex-partner, you will need to file for joint custody.

Prescription Medications Can Sometimes Cause A DUI

DUI accidents are often associated with alcohol. However, there are many other substances you can consume that can make it very unsafe for you to drive. It can also be very unsafe to drive if you mix certain medications with alcohol when you are driving. However, there are several drugs, in particular, you should watch out for. Blood Pressure Medications If you are on blood pressure medications, you might feel like your energy has been sapped.