Divorce Attorney: Pet Custody And Visitations

If your divorce involves four-legged family members, figuring out the logistics can bring the process to a halt. A divorce lawyer can create addendums to help you sort out pet custody, visitation, and other important parts of pet ownership. Custody Classifications Pet custody generally falls into two categories. The type of custody you choose will largely dictate how your divorce lawyer will approach your case. Joint: If you intend to share custody with your ex-partner, you will need to file for joint custody.

Prescription Medications Can Sometimes Cause A DUI

DUI accidents are often associated with alcohol. However, there are many other substances you can consume that can make it very unsafe for you to drive. It can also be very unsafe to drive if you mix certain medications with alcohol when you are driving. However, there are several drugs, in particular, you should watch out for. Blood Pressure Medications If you are on blood pressure medications, you might feel like your energy has been sapped.

Why You Should Quickly Retain An Attorney For Your Disability Claim

If you have decided to apply for disability, it is important for you to consider retaining an attorney right away. Sure, you are technically allowed to file a claim by yourself, but this might not be the best option for you. To help you understand why hiring a disability claim attorney right away is so important, you will want to review the following information: You Won't Mess Up Your Paperwork Or Interview

How Preexisting Conditions Fit Into Your Personal Injury Case

How Preexisting Conditions Fit Into Your Personal Injury Case Things can get rough after an accident. Not only are you trying to heal from your injuries, but you may also be dealing with the insurer for the at-fault driver—and they seem to be reluctant and uncooperative. To make matters worse, what if the insurer is claiming that your injuries were not the result of the accident at all? For a better understanding of how preexisting conditions can affect your auto accident case, read on, and learn more.

Two Tips For Handling Plea Deals

Although states are tough on drunk drivers, a good quantity of DUI cases are resolved before they get to court. Prosecutors often offer defendants plea deals in an effort to clear as many cases as possible in the least amount of time. Before you accept a plea deal, though, here are two tips to ensure you get the most out of it. Know What You'll Settle For If you're like most people who are charged with a DUI, your ultimate goal is to get the charges dropped altogether and walk free.